Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My current blog is "Upending Progress"

There are 1500 older posts on this blog ("Janus Manhattan's Children") detailing my earlier research discoveries in the dramatic story of WWII's Social Penicillin, aka "Penicillin-for-All".

I am not discounting any of them - they all reflect useful stops along a ten year journey for a researcher and author.

But my current blog on Social Penicillin is now "Upending Progress" .

That is merely because I feel that this new title better sums up my current thinking on the continuing postwar importance of Martin Henry Dawson's efforts.

Yes, he did give up his life during WWII in his efforts to see non-patented inexpensive natural Penicillin made in quantity and made available to all, regardless of the lack of charity that total war produces on all sides.

But in doing so, he perhaps inadvertently helped deal the global hubris of the Age of Progress a truly mortal blow ...

So please feel free to join the discussion about Social Penicillin over at Upending Progress .