Friday, November 28, 2014

Modernity's error : claiming to see a foundational parsimony beneath a surface plentitude

The remains of a war-shattered building , after the armies have moved on, only appears to be complex --- despite the sight of all those building blocks of the edifice tossed about hither and yonder.

For true complexity, one needs to move below the placid surface of those unchangeable-seeming and solid-appearing building blocks.

Down to the level of the atoms and below - deep down down down into a land of dozens of ever more fundamental forces and masses careening about a maybe not so empty vast vacuous space.

Seemingly every other year, a paradox is renewed as the biggest machine ever made by humanity discovers an ever smaller and ever more fundamental sub-sub-atomic building block of the universe.

The scientific consensus that atoms are not in fact atomic (fundamental/indivisible) is far more than one hundred years old.

And yet that consensus still hasn't really penetrated our Junior and Senior High science classes yet : proof indeed that Modernity didn't die in 1945 or in 1965 --- not at least among science teachers.

In fact the scientific consensus that atoms weren't atomic is exactly as old as Modernity itself .

For Modernity pace Einstein and Darwin, in a very real sense, can be said to have arisen in scientists seeking to refute the sub-atomic evidence sparking in the cathode tubes before their eyes.

Evidence that God indeed does 'play dice' - at least down at the sub-sub-sub-sub-atomic level .....

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