Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Worldwide digital deliver of basics : mix, mash and re-assemble at home ?

A friend asked how my idea of digital delivery of pre-imposed PDF 'offprints' meshed with the recent resurgence of cassette music.

Fits like a key to a lock !

Call it the Edward Snowden Effect.

Now that we have it confirmed that the powerful in this world have their claws firmly in the digital world , it makes sense to look again at older lower tech (but still widely available) versions of high technology.

Computer printer/scanners , cell phones with still and motion cameras, cassette and DVD/CD recorders put together with common and cheap production software allow us little people the best of both worlds.

Digitally the raw data can be sent digitally by the internet or by finger USB sticks around the world cheaply and quickly.

Then the various end users can assemble it together --- or mix and mash it up and put it in a low tech physical form and give it an unique homemade cover, individualizing it.

So the mix tape of favourite songs by many different artists.

The fan genre fiction anthology of best short stories and novelletes of many authors.

Looking again at the raw data from a scientific article with this end user coming to very different conclusions from the original authors.

On and on and on ....

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