Saturday, January 3, 2015

1945: Janus Manhattan's legacy for Boomer kids - the paths of nuclear death or penicillin life.

Now which path they take to deal with (or not to deal with) climate change will decide the fate of all of us

1945 : discoveries perfected in ever janus-like Manhattan had helped end the war on a high note.

Now those discoveries (the Manhattan nuclear Project and the Manhattan penicillin Project) presented the children about to form the Boomer Generation two warring choices about how best to deal with physical reality.

The old way - as personified by the non-democratic way of the A-Bomb effort. The way of Modernity, The Enlightenment and The Plenticide : overpowering Nature to force it to do Man's will.

The new way - as presented by the tiny teams working to develop natural penicillin freely sharing information (and penicillium spores) amongst themselves. The way of postModernity, of global commensality and acceptance of plentitude. Working with, not against, Nature so there was a future for humanity on a shared vibrantly green planet.

2015 : now these boomer kids are in charge, the boss.

As world leaders, as voters, our major wealth holders, in senior positions everywhere.

Their decision now on climate change (choosing door one - the top down secretive violent ways of the a-bomb project) (or choosing door two - the open democratic ways of the natural penicillin project) will decide all our fates.....

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