Friday, January 23, 2015

Sixth Extinction not a mere 'bycatch' of Modernity

Plenticide, along with Synthetic Autarky, is Modernity's main product, how it measures success, what Modernity does for a living.

The Sixth Extinction, if not exactly planned by Modernity , is hardly lamented by Modernity.

Synthetic Autarky is the immodest side of Modernity --- 'we humans can create anything and everything out of nothing, we needn't rely on anything or any being'.

Plenticide is the other, less pretty, side of Modernity.

'We don't need to shed tears if useless mouths and parasites consuming resources that better belong to humans happen to starve to death on our watch and as a result of our decisions'.

Modernity is the contemporary ultimate in closed commensality : even exceeding the ancient Pharisees' closed commensality efforts...

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