Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Plenticide of Closed Commensality

The Nazis were very concerned - even in the depths of their upcoming defeat - about maintaining the social welfare, health and well being of all their citizens - without fear or favour.

The catch ?

An extremely closed commensal definition of just who was a (good) (full) (healthy) German citizen  ---and who was not.

No physical or mentally handicapped, no left-wingers, no queers, no mixed race black-German kids, no Jews, no half or quarter or one drop of blood Jews, no Romas, no pacifists, no chronic congenital criminal or moral deviants of any sort.

On and on and on - "Goebbels The Crip" only escaped with his life because, well just because.

I don't quite know how ole One Ball himself survived this ever tightening noose around all those Germans who weren't quite good enough to dine at the Aryan closed commensal table .

Perhaps the Nazi Plenticide Machine just ran out of time before it could begin eating itself....

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