Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Conservationists' Cartesian Dualism fiercest opponent of Environmentalists' Commensality

Mix together conservationists and environmentalists if you must and if you can : but first, please, take the baby steps of mixing together oil and water or chalk and cheese or matter and anti-matter.

Because Rene Descartes' biggest duality was opposing Man and Mother Nature - a motif adopted without reservation by the Conservation Movement in its unstinting efforts to keep bits of the 'unspoiled' natural world away from the 'destructive' human world.

But that was all bright & shiny prewar, Modernity, stuff.

Because in our dark and murky, postwar, Postmodern, world we quickly realized that human-made fallout clouds dropped their poison over Big City and Nature Conservatory indiscriminately - no 1950s style 'separate but equal' nonsense here .

Bread or Bombs : all was (unwilling) open commensality now, on lifeboat earth ....

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