Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Manhattan natural penicillin Project a psychological antidote to the mental horrors unleashed by the Manhattan synthetic nuclear Project

In 1945 and 1946, many thoughtful people began realizing that human ingenuity had produced a nuclear bomb system powerful enough to kill an entire planet - a green (rather than merely a mineral-containing) planet that they had never really regarded as alive enough and fragile enough to be killed , until now.

For they began realizing that what Manhattan's Bomb's explosive force, searing heat and mutation-causing radiation could do to humans it could also do to all other living things.
They began to realize that meant that the few humans lucky enough to survive both the nuclear blasts and the following radiation clouds would still slowly starve to death .

The instantly blast & heat-killed would end up being the truly lucky ones.

Because if  all the plants and animals were totally dependent on our good sense not to be burned and boiled to death in a human nuclear holocaust, we were still as equally dependent upon them, for our basic survival needs.

For all that bold talk of replacing natural foods, water and biologically-produced materials with synthetic substitutes was just windy talk : it was all highly dependent on there remaining a civilized, industrial, scientific, technological, world left to produce those chemical synthetics.

Fortunately, Mother Nature still had a lot of low tech surprises of her own to offer us : one had only to look at Manhattan's natural penicillin and all those  other powerful life-saving antibiotics emerging from jungle dirt and spoiled market fruit.

These thoughtful people began to relax - at least a little : there was hope  and there was an alternative to the modern science's madness.

Janus Manhattan : home to the modern and  to the postmodern science Projects ....

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