Friday, May 1, 2015

Greening the Red,White and Blue : corporations, not scientism, the major cause for postwar environmental disasters?

Anyone concerned about our planet - and not just the few of us busy slicing and dicing the past history of environmentalism - should read Thomas Jundt's "Greening of the Red,White and Blue" (Oxford University press, 2014.)

He's done the hard spade work to reveal a hidden 1945-1975 pre-history of environmental activism and corporate environmental greed that existed before environmentalism-the-word went mainstream.

(Because Strontium 90 made environmentalism-the-concern a worldwide activity well before the first ever Earth Day.)

My only comment is that I feel that Jundt lays too much of the blame on corporate short sighted greed and not enough on the still strong naive scientism from the scientists and the general public of the Era of Modernity...

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