Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Modernity as the outward expression of the conservative brain

Partly due to genetics and partly due to their parents child rearing style and partly due to external circumstances, some children grow up to be a little or a great deal fearful of the outer world and other people -- that is, they grow up to be conservative.

Anyone who grew up in a family of several children born in close sequence knows that while these kids share a common/parental rearing style and a common set of external circumstances, the kids all rate as quite different on the conservative fearful/liberal trusting scale.

the mix of genes that conception genetics endows you and gestation genetic expression that the external environment gives each growing feutus makes each of us unique not a clone of good old dad or of our big brothers and sisters.

The plentitude of new plentitudes of new objects, ideas and experiences that modernization threw up made made people more than normally fearful - made the counter reaction, Modernity, more than normally strong .

And conservative ....

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